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"I want to thank you for all your help with my back problem. I learned more in the hours we spent together than I've learned about my body in 66 years... thank you for touching me with your magic."  P.G.

"I have had absolutely no pain or problems since your therapy... I really appreciate your style - you are much more exacting, careful, and focused than other therapies and classes I have tried".  M.A.

"Ravi Lescher is a delightful and caring person. She is highly experienced and gets right to the root of your problem with stretches and exercises tailored just for you. I highly recommend her!"  J.M.

"Ravi has successfully helped me put the pieces to the puzzle of my body together, and in doing so, is helping me learn how to strengthen my inner core and strengthen weak yet overly strained muscles. Thanks to Ravi, I am finally feeling less pain in my body and my overall well-being is improving by the day!... To me, Ravi is an exceptionally talented PT and healer!"  A.B.

"... I have been to several physical therapists over the past couple of years, and Ravi has been, by far, the best. She is in a class of her own. Would highly recommend."  V.G.

"... Ravi is an excellent physical therapist. Equally important, she has been clear, concise, and committed to explaining everything she has been doing, so that I, the patient, understand what I need to do both now and in the long term to continue my rehab process... 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!"  B.R.

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