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Hi, I'm Ravi


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Who am I and why do I do it?

My name is Ravi Lescher, and I have a Master's Degree in physical therapy, a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement), and am a certified massage therapist. ​Since 1993, I have worked with thousands of people with low back pain, using a mind/body approach, in clinics, private practices, and in home health. I have treated ages 8-98.

I have always had a particular interest and talent in working with people with low back pain. Why?


To begin with, my mother suffered with chronic low back pain her whole life due to a car accident in her early 20's. Her pain, lack of quality treatment and guidance, negatively affected her life and her family's life: she was often in bed due to pain and could not be present for her family in the ways that she wanted. 


early in my physical therapy career, I also began to get my own back pain and found that by combining theoretical knowledge, targeted exercises, and movement pattern retraining, with a deepened understanding of how to "listen" to my symptoms, I became a much more effective guide in treating my patients with low back pain... and I am happy to say, I have not had low back pain in years by applying this technique!

This blog, The Mindful Back, is dedicated to educating you on: 1) the "language" of pain, 2) how to listen and respond to your pain, 3) how to change your daily body movements to decrease your pain, and 4) how to practice targeted exercises to greatly decrease or eliminate your low back pain PERMANENTLY.

This is not a "quick fix", but with concerted focus, practice, and consistency, over several months, you will learn how to treat your own back pain effectively, without surgery or medications.


I look forward to helping you heal your back pain from the inside out - gently and mindfully.

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